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Eco-Lens at DIFF

You may be interested in Eco-Lens at the Durban International Film Festival (22 July to 1 August 2010):

Filmmakers are key agents in keeping a watchful eye on threats to human ecology and environmental balance in films such as Scientists Under Attack, and South African Carlos Franciso’s American Foulbrood.

When the water that comes out of your taps turns to flame you know something is wrong – Gasland explores the shocking consequences of massive natural gas drilling across the USA.

On a highly positive note the multi-award winning Waste Land witnesses the creative production that results when art and poverty collide at the world’s largest rubbish dump in Brazil, while the 4 th Revolution: Energy Autonomy outlines the tantalising possibility of switching to 100% renewable energy sources in the next 30 years.

There’s also Michael WInterbottom’s The Shock Doctrine (based on Naomi Klein’ book), Koundi, National Thursday, The Battle for Jhb, and feature films like Altiplano, and The Bull on the Roof, etc.

The printed programme is available at most bookshops, galleries, campuses, malls, etc with info online at:

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great that they have an eco-lens! the more attention these issues get the better …

I’ve heard that Waste Land is amazing.

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