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Spekboom vs Carbon & Poverty

Spekboom is alive and well , and growing…

I came across a new initiative dedicated to promoting the planting of Spekboom trees. The Spekboom Carbon and Poverty Alleviation Project aims to:

1. Green the urban landscape
2. Create jobs, alleviate poverty & improve quality of life
3. Reduce the impact of global warming: Spekboom trees sequestrate carbon dioxide at the astonishing rate of 3-5 TONS per hectare per annum – which is higher than that of tropical rainforest
4. Reuse discarded plastic containers in which to grow and sell Spekboom treelings
5. Educate – we are running a number of initiatives with schools and universities on planting trees, entrepreneurship, global warming, environmentalism etc.
6. Propagate Spekboom by encouraging everyone to take cuttings from existing trees and planting them

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