Seeds and seedlings – the Magic Seeder

I am very excited to offer a small gardening tool which facilitates the sowing of seeds, eliminating the 99% necessity of thinning out overcrowded seedlings?

It is the first time that it is available in South Africa and is currently being featured on page 14 of the June 2010 issue of the Gardener Magazine.

The Editor of The Gardener magazine, Tanya Vissers’ reaction to the one she has is: “I love the little gadget, simply fantastic !”

And Sean Freeman, of Living Seeds, wrote: “Thank you for my Magic Seeder, what a cool little tool, it works like a bomb.”

The Magic Seeder is a seed dispensing unit which facilitates the control and sowing of seeds smaller than 2mm. It won the award for Best New Retail product at the 2004 South West Regional Growers Show in England.

It is an established horticultural product, which is simple to use and is an efficient hand held seed dispenser. Its’ use minimises the need for thinning out seedlings. It is ideal for sowing seeds in plug trays, pots or seed trays. It is an essential tool for all gardeners – both amateur or professional. It is in use by the Royal Horticultural Society in England.

I look forward to hearing from you.

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Hi there, ……..PLEASE PLEASE HELP, i,m looking for seeds for my garden before spring comes and i am having a hard time finding suppliers of vegetable seeds in SA. I have found that some of the seeds from my previous garden, where not able to reproduce “the seeds i harvested from my plants would’nt regrow” I would really like to buy seeds that i can plant and harvest the seeds for the next season. WHO, WHERE, HOW??????

Please any help you may have would be greatly appreciated

XXHopefull GardenerXX

good day, I am desperately looking for some of these seeders. Please could you tell me how much and banking details so I can order and have them delivered?

Thank you

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