Have your say on the future of the Wild Coast!

There has been heated debate about the future of the Wild Coast recently. The proposed mining of the Xolobeni area and now the extension of the N2, which will supposedly result in socio-economic development in the area but will also have long-lasting, detrimental effects on the environment. Here are various arguments and comments; from Sustaining the Wild Coast, the ‘Wildcoast’ website and a broader overview.

I write this now as the deadline to submit an appeal against the proposed highway is this Wednesday 19th May. All too often, we have good intentions and then time flies by and nothing is done. If you would like to voice an appeal, there is a petition. But I think an official appeal will be more effective and I have collected the necessary documents for download here. Please find an official appeal form (I have filled in the details that I will submit) and a generic appeal motivation outlining the reasons for my appeal. You can use these as your own and change where you feel necessary. All documents must then be faxed to Minister of Environmental Affairs (Fax: 012 320 7561) by Wednesday 19th May.

I don’t want to force anyone into anything but consideration of local communities’ opinions and the environment are something I feel strongly about. Here are some tools and information for us as citizens to participate in public deliberation. Hopefully it will be worthwhile to use them.

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