Stone Plant in Bloom

My stone plant has just flowered and I wanted to share some pics of it. I always find it amazing that these hardy plants have such beautiful, delicate flowers.

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Beautiful. Lithops specimen. Available to buy here in London at Kew Gardens for around £2.00. I got some to enjoy.

🙁 are they annual flowerers (one flower a year) maybe?
My cacti and succulents did extremely well when I was in the uk with beautiful pink and purple flowers!
This rain in kzn is crazy though where is the sunshine?

Wait for the sun!!! It’s coming. Summer is the rainy season, winter is beautiful.
I was on the Bluff for 45 years and ended up with 4 air conditioners. Now I have been in Kloof for 3 years with under floor heating… and it’s only 30 minutes away !!

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