Sought after seedlings?

This is interesting… A South African woman in search of more interesting vegetables, “purple cauliflower, broccoli and peas, round carrots, yellow carrots and beautiful candy-striped beetroot” as she says, has started importing heirloom vegetables from Italy.

The Franchi Sementi seeds are open pollinating heritage/heirloom varieties, and are now available in SA from her website, Sought After Seedlings:

While I love the idea of heirloom vegetables (after having read Barbara Kingsolver’s, ‘Animal Vegetable Miracle’), I’m not so sure  about foreign heirlooms.  Can you just plant foreign vegetable seeds in South Africa? Isn’t it a bit risky? What if they take over? Don’t we have our own heirlooms?  Or are alien veggies not as scary as alien trees?

That said, the vegetables look INCREDIBLE!

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