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Happy 40th Birthday Earthday!

HAPPY 40th Birthday Earthday!

Green Office Week in South Africa, built around Earthday 22 April, reminds everyone that our home – planet earth – is asking us to take better care of it.

We abuse our precious resources, whether water or energy; we are over-fishing to the detriment of feeding our future generation; we are de-foresting, forgetting that this is a precious source of oxygen that keeps us alive, and so we go on mindlessly.

We can do something about this erosion of our resources and as they say ‘charity starts at home’ but Green Office Week says ‘charity can start at the office’.

Launched this year, the initiative is to get every office worker in South Africa to take one small step towards creating and sustaining better office practices which are eco-friendly.

Green Office week says, save and recycle; reduce and re-use and as we face the forthcoming World Cup and its demands on our energy please let us all become energy-conscious. Start right away by visiting and

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