Canine Carnage

I live with two delightful puppies, who are full of energy. One of their favourite games involves chasing each other back and forth through my newly established garden, see pics below. They have plenty of lawn and driveway to use, but obviously it is not nearly as much fun as the forbidden garden (they know they are not suppose to be in it and look sheepish whenever caught). We have erected wooden fences around the perimeter but they jump right over them – any other suggestions?

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Would a cover of shadecloth work. I once heard that if you sprinkled white pepper over an area, it prevented animals from peeing on it. Maybe it would work in this area as well.

on a serious note, i see that you have pots along the steps above, which are probably a deterrent.. the puppies are only running across here as it is easier on the broader stair.. do you know anyone with a big pot you could put in the way? 😉

a big pot – good idea!

what about a small electric fence? A friend has this in her garden – too cruel?

Your fence is way too small. You need to build something with poles and wire fencing. That should keep them out. You could also grow a creeper into the fencing wire?

Dogs will be dogs!

in addition: How about building a handrail along the stairs. Under the handrail you could put fencing to stop them running through.

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