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Sustainable futures

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a week’s course on Sustainability run by the Sustainability Institute (SI) just outside Stellenbosch.

“The Sustainability Institute, established in 1999 by Eve Annecke and Mark Swilling, focuses on learning for sustainable living and is based within the Lynedoch EcoVillage Development, Stellenbosch. The focus has been combining practice with theory in a way that integrates ecology and equity in support of a sustainable South Africa, with special reference to ways of reducing and eradicating poverty.”

The mornings started early with half an hour of meditation, followed by a group reading and stretch run by SI staff, then an hour of community work in either the SI veggie garden, or on the adjacent farm, sorting waste, composting,  preparing/cooking food for their Farm to Fork initiative, cleaning their guest house, helping with the gardens/grounds….all before lectures started at 9:30.

The week was truly inspiring and gave a fantastic overview of the current sustainability crises South Africa faces and how if we all act quickly and responsibly, we can ensure a more sustainable future for all. Just imagine if every municipality in South Africa had sustainable initiatives!!!

For more information on the institute have a wander through their site , and make sure to have a look at partner initiatives in the area. e.g.

Sustainable Stellenbosch

Lynedoch Ecovillage Development

Biodiversity and Wine Initiative

I would highly recommend anyone visiting the area to stop past and have a quick tour (even if it is just to have an amazing muffin at SI’s Green Cafe).

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ja, i like the way you have to do meditation, a jog and some groundskeeping before lectures :-).. get the endorphins going..

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