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Woody woodpecker

I noticed this striking bird the other day (another member of the menagerie in my new garden) and after watching it for a while saw that it kept going back to a fig tree next to the house. On closer inspection, it turns out that there is a perfectly round hole in the trunk and […]

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SA prof best in invasion biology

South African Professor David Richardson has been rated the world’s most influential and productive scientist on matters relating to invasion biology. This emerged after a bibliometric study conducted by scientists of the Laboratory of Biological Invasion and Adaptive Evolution of the Chinese Academy of Science. Bibliometrics refers to the measuring of texts and information using […]

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Sustainable futures

I recently had the pleasure of taking part in a week’s course on Sustainability run by the Sustainability Institute (SI) just outside Stellenbosch. “The Sustainability Institute, established in 1999 by Eve Annecke and Mark Swilling, focuses on learning for sustainable living and is based within the Lynedoch EcoVillage Development, Stellenbosch. The focus has been combining […]

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Drip Irrigation. Picture by photofarmer on Flickr.

Protect the environment: make your garden greener

Sustainable gardening is largely about choosing to grow indigenous water-wise species and using natural fertilizers. But it is also important to consider how you water your garden as some methods are more efficient than others. This has never been more essential than it is now as parts of our country are still struggling to recover […]

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Bromeliad 1

Bromeliads blooming

These bromeliads are in my brother’s garden. I think they only flower once a year? They are almost luminous in colour!

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