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Roostin’ n’ breedin’…

Niall wrote a post about the swallows that return to our house each year to roost. Here are a few snaps of the children they have bred. It was tough to get close to them as I think they were a bit more skittish (protective of the young) but you can clearly see one of the parents (the male I think) and the two babies, which are smaller and have fluffier breast feathers. It has been great to have them visiting! 🙂

Family of swallows 1
Family of swallows 1

Family of swallows 2
Family of swallows 2

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Wonderful, if fleeting, visitors. We enjoy the birds here in Nova Scotia very much, particularly their antics during a sometimes long and dreary winter. They are always a welcome diversion. 🙂

we have loads of birds here in durban, particularly in the summer months when they are more active and we get northern visitors such as these..

the swallows are the most entertaining as they have built their home on our balcony… we can eat lunch out there and watch them swoop round the garden.. and then return at high speed (with impressive accuracy) to the small entrance of their mud nest…

they grow up so fast 🙂

and now they need to get ready for the long flight back to the North!

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