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Fynbos at Kirstenbosch

A random selection of Fynbos (Cape Floral Kingdom) from the beautiful Kirstenbosch National Gardens in Cape Town.

Fynbos with mountain
1. Fynbos with mountain

Flowering fynbos
2. Flowering fynbos
Flowering fynbos
3. Flowering fynbos
Flowering fynbos
4. Flowering fynbos
5. Protea
6. Flower
Proteas, I think?
7. Proteas, I think?
Flowering fynbos
8. Flowering fynbos
Fynbos flowerbed
9. Fynbos flowerbed
10. Fynbos
Fynbos flowers
11. Fynbos flowers
The fynbos gardens
12. The fynbos gardens
Fynbos flowers
13. Fynbos flowers

6 replies on “Fynbos at Kirstenbosch”

Beautiful. The protea is a Leucospermum and the ‘protea I think ‘is a Mimetes. The last one is an Erica

Hi Elephant`s Eye, I dont think it is a Buchu,they usually have clusters of flowers.Could it be an Euchaetis ? I am more at home with the E .C flowers perhaps someone for W C can Id it

Hey Elephant’s Eye. Thanks for suggestion, images now numbered. Would be very interested to see if someone can confirm if 11 is buchu – I just had a cup of rooibos/buchu tea this morning 🙂

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