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Announcing the availability of Spekboom in COMPOTS

From the Spekboom Carbon and Poverty Alleviation Project.  Sounds interesting:

“John Sachs from Barrydale has set up a factory in our village manufacturing COMPOTS – these are containers made from 100% compost, which is the greenest possible way in which to distribute Spekboom (and other plants for that matter).  The compot containers can be planted as is, with the Spekboom, and will decompose while nourishing the plant! Please contact the team on if you would like to order some.

The COMPOTS are a great addition to the Magpie recycled pots we have used up to now (which remain available from the Starke Ayres Garden Centre in Rosebank, Cape Town).

Please visit the Spekboom Group from time to time, check out the photographs, and participate in the discussions. Last, but not least, invite ALL your friends to join our community of 900 other group members!

The Spekboom Team”

Found out more about them at

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For your non South African readers. This is jade plant. Portulacaria afra. And compots sounds like a wonderful idea!

That is a great idea. I’m surprised they could make a plant container out of compost, but it definitely seems to be the most environmentally friendly way to go. Plus a lot less hassle since it’ll decompose on its own.

I visited John Sacks factory in Barrydale, He showed me how the compots are made of a mixture of compost and xeolite clay which are then molded and fired in an oven to harden them. Pretty neat set up.

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