Winter Wonderland

Well Hi

My First post here, will hopefully cool you Durbanites down a little.  I do miss warm Christmases, however there is one thing that compensates, and that is a White Christmas!

Although its technically not a White Christmas since it is not snowing, there is still a whole lot of snow hanging out in my garden.

snow garden

It has been a record amount of snowfall, and especially since it remained on the ground,  it has been quite an experience!

Having resisted playing in the snow till my exams were over, I now spent my time making a kickass Snow Gnome in the garden.

snow gnome

I have big plans for the summer, with an organic veggie garden in the back, however, for the moment its winter rest and snow fun!

Peaceful Greetings and a great Festive Season to you all…

Take Care

Shaggy the Mountain Gnome

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Alice Joyce: I now realise that I forgot to mention, that I am in The Netherlands, so for winter this is exactly how my garden “should” look!

Christmas day Update: We woke up to a light snow falling and covering the ground, so we technically DID have a white Christmas, however it soon turned to drizzle, so the snow gnome is a little watered down now 🙁

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