Climate change- countdown to Copenhagen

Are you worried about changing climates? Some of you may have noticed strange weather patterns happening in your city or seen the terrifying images of melting icecaps, flash floods and barren wastelands due to prolonged periods of drought. Others may have read about the devastating effects changing climates have on food security, species extinction and infectious diseases. So the main question you may be asking is what can be done? Surely it’s too late to do anything?


Make no mistake getting the planet back to safe levels of CO2 in the atmosphere wont be easy, but with only one planet it has to be a challenge we are up for, and if everyone plays a small part, we can make a difference- (click here for some quick tips).

The world leaders are currently meeting in Copenhagen to sign a global climate deal that could very well seal the fate of this earth- if you are as concerned as I am that ALL countries sign a fair, ambitious and binding agreement then have a look at an amazing group of people around the world actively taking a stand against apathy.

It is not too late to get involved!!

The 350 campaign are urging people form all corners of the globe to organise climate change vigils between the 11-13th December. You can either join an event near you or create your own.

So join a massive movement of people around the world and be part of something BIG!

There has never been a more urgent time to take action!

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