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Climate change- countdown to Copenhagen

Are you worried about changing climates? Some of you may have noticed strange weather patterns happening in your city or seen the terrifying images of melting icecaps, flash floods and barren wastelands due to prolonged periods of drought. Others may have read about the devastating effects changing climates have on food security, species extinction and infectious diseases. So the main question you may be asking is what can be done? Surely it’s too late to do anything?


Make no mistake getting the planet back to safe levels of CO2 in the atmosphere wont be easy, but with only one planet it has to be a challenge we are up for, and if everyone plays a small part, we can make a difference- (click here for some quick tips).

The world leaders are currently meeting in Copenhagen to sign a global climate deal that could very well seal the fate of this earth- if you are as concerned as I am that ALL countries sign a fair, ambitious and binding agreement then have a look at an amazing group of people around the world actively taking a stand against apathy.

It is not too late to get involved!!

The 350 campaign are urging people form all corners of the globe to organise climate change vigils between the 11-13th December. You can either join an event near you or create your own.

So join a massive movement of people around the world and be part of something BIG!

There has never been a more urgent time to take action!

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Sorry, but I don’t believe a word of it. I do not believe for a moment that man is responsible for the changes in our climate. I believe there is a more powerful hand in this, and the changes are simply part of a cycle the earth goes through. Man is smart, but not all that smart. East Anglia, et al, certainly showed us a thing about that, didn’t they?

i think climate change (in general) is a cycle that the earth goes through but i definitely thing humans have contributed to it in recent times (not the greatest source but it is referenced)… how could we not have with all the pollution we create? it is not about man being smart, in fact probably the opposite.. or careless..

what about the freak snow you had in south texas last week? what do you attribute that to?

it’s hard not to be skeptical about climate change when accepting the science means acknowledging the small part we play in it. i am happy to question the alarmists but the idea of a great conspiracy being run out of the IPCC (a group of the world’s most qualified scientist) is really quite far fetched.
Clearly we don’t understand all the cycles (all the scientists agree on that point at least) and the earth probably has a few more tricks up its sleeve. But, the fact that human (anthropogenic) activity is driving up CO2 and other Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emission concentrations more than any other natural sources is undeniable. See the IPCC’s Figure SPM 1 in its “Summary Report to Policy Makers” and really read the whole thing to get a better understanding of the issues ( GHGs are invisible so somehow dumping them in the atmosphere seems ok, but you wouldn’t do that with any of your other rubbish. And CO2 stays in the atmosphere for 120 years so it’s not a short term problem we are creating.
Aside from the actual volumes, the other alarm bell is the timescale of the cycles we are talking about. Yes changes have occured and will surely continue to occur but over extremely long periods of time. The change that we are talking about has taken place over the last 250 years- that’s peanuts in earth time! And evolution does not work over these small timescales – so plants and animals that are close to their thresholds will not have time to adapt.
Climate science can be a bit scary and as one of my climatologist teachers in Oxford noted “climatologists are still having babies and buying houses” so all is not lost. However recognising that we are messing with a system that we don’t fully understand and trying to come up with a way of life that minimises that impact can’t be a bad idea…

I think we can mess things up- The Thames River, for instance. And I think we can clean things up- The Thames River, for instance. But to cause the whole climate of the whole world to change, not a chance.

The IPCC is not the last authority or the only voice on this, and I think they have their own motives for promoting GW.

And if you believe that CO2, the gas that we exhale with every breath, is something that can or should be regulated- what is with that? What we exhale is used by every tree, every plant on this earth. Without it, they do not exist.

I am not a scientist. I am just a little granny down here in Texas, but I do have some common sense. It does not seem to me that giving the UN control over anything we do in our country, or what happens in ANY country for that matter, doesn’t meet the lowest standards of common sense.


I believe you need to consider that in the past your scenario (where man would have not been able to influence climate) may have applied.

However, the planet has never had over six billion people before, nor the accompanying onslaught of industry and wilful – and wholesale – destruction of large tracts of previously healthy land. You example of the Thames must be put into context: the Thames basin and catchment area is a mere fraction of the scale of environmental degradation which is occuring elsewhere. Neither does the developing world (and I would use examples of India, Myanmar, Indonesia, Brazil, Bangladesh and Malaysia here) have the sophisticated level of environmental rehabalitation which the UK can afford. Look further afield, in order to obtain a balanced overview. We are, after all, talking about an entire planet here – the only one most of us will ever know.

Furthermore, while I respect your right to dispute and even deny climate change through human agency, I would respectfully suggest that you need to hear the facts, before you glibly dismiss the greatest environmental catastrophe since the last mass extinction.

You admit you are not a scientist, and considering your rationale on CO2, I would agree.

Please consider the other side, before condemning the majority of scientific research on the subject to the realm of conspiracy. The greatest minds of our time are doing their best to raise the alarm.

It would appear their opposite number are doing everything in their power to ensure that alarm is not heeded.

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