Spekboom as far as the eye can see

My dear husband and I have recently returned from a two-week road trip 1000km from our home town. One of our stops was Gamkaskloof or ‘Die Hel’ a remote area of the Swartberg in the Karoo. We saw some amazing things, but one of the many beautiful things that made my heart beat faster (apart from the hairy passes) were the masses upon masses of Spekboom that grew in extravagant abundance all over the mountainsides. It was wonderful to see Spekboom in what is obviously its ‘natural’ environment. I even saw one or two flowering (which I have NEVER seen in Durban). Apparently the mountainside in December is aflame with the pink blooms. What a sight that must be!

The hills are alive...
The hills are alive...

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