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Keen eye needed

I only have one picture of this tree and it probably needs a keen eye to identify it. I seem to remember it being some type of indigenous fruit tree, possibly wild apple or pear, I don’t think fig… What do you think?

Fruit Tree?
Fruit Tree?

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random guess: milkwood? the leaves look similar, and they do have berries from time to time. i’m sure i’ll be shot down on this one, but hey, we’re all friends here.

This is indeed a milkwood – I think it is the one in my garden?? It is not mimusops caffra – that’s the one with rundish red berries – we have them at Anerley. One needs to look in the little park near the Greyville roundabout to see the mimusops obavata – Elsa Pooley idintified it for me. I can’t think of the name of the mimusops in the picture – could it be mimusops zeyheri?

Good guess Em! And yes Gill, it is the one from your garden 🙂 I have looked at some pics of
milkwoods. Apparently, South Africa has only three species that belong to the genus Mimusops; M. caffra, M. obovata and M. zeyheri.

I’m no expert but to me the leaves look most like the M. obovata:

Keen eye needed – 2 Oct 2009
Could be the indigenous cheesewood tree, Pittosporum viridiflorum
Need to see the bark to confirm.

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