This is the first time I’ve grown asparagus and its a very pretty plant. We’re still waiting for our first crop but the leaves are very beautiful to look at while we wait, particularly on a rainy day.

Rainy drops and asparagus
Rainy drops and asparagus

More rainy drops and asparagus
More rainy drops and asparagus

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hey brendan … can you explain this a bit. I assumed as soon as they came out they were ready?

how it works is that the green ones see the light, and the white ones stay underground always. so if you want them white mound some soil over them.
the white ones are apparently classier, you be the judge…

i also prefer the green ones. but haven’t you missed the boat on the season? they’re all over the shops so yours must be late bloomers.

perhaps the season is later in Durbs – don’t asparagus come from up-country? otherwise I guess we are growing them for next season.

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