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The Pile

The Pile

We had a monkey problem a little while back. They kept coming in through the windows and stealing bread and fruit. Someone suggested we make a ‘monkey pile’ away from the house, which we did. It serves a triple purpose: 1) Monkey pile – it does what it says and keeps the monkeys at bay […]

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Activator / Kraal Manure

Permaculture! Food Garden 2.0

As a follow on from Niall’s post, here is a simple guide to building your own permaculture vegetable garden. It is supereasy and rewarding – here is an update on the food garden 2.0 just 11 days after Niall’s pic: Anyhoo, now to the steps… (more…)

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Impatiens hochsteterii growing in a pot with some spekboom and looking very happy

Indigenous Impatiens

Just had to share this plant. It is Impatiens hochsteterii. Indigenous to our country. Likes fairly light open shade.  It seems to only grow from seedling and not from cutting. Has anyone had experience with these indigenous plants or had any luck with propagation from cutting. I have managed to salvage seedlings but they are […]

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I need Paw Paw trees

Can anyone assist from your side of the country. I am looking for Paw Paw trees that are going to bear fruit that doesn’t fall off the tree. I believe one needs male and female but it is a hit and miss affair when one orders them. I am looking for a reliabele supplier to […]

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Urban Gardening defined

There is a great new section on the Sustainable Gardening website with links to resources and projects that fall under the broad category of Urban Gardening.  While focused on the USA, it is good to read up on what they are doing and get some ideas to implement in South Africa.  Topics include: Community gardens […]

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