I’m sure many people are aware of the proposed mining in the Xolobeni area of the Transkei. Last year I set up an online petition for a group that was opposing it.  This and other efforts have fallen on deaf ears and it seems likely that the mining will go ahead. Oh well, I thought, that is quite sad… And then I read a bit more about how devastating the mining will actually be (various articles here) and what a beautiful and unique area will be destroyed (see photo essay here) – it should be a national heritage site!  Oh well, I then thought, that is really sad…


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those photo’s are beautiful. it’s trie, it really should be a world heritage site. our greed will kill us. i thought your post was funny tohugh, ‘oh well, i thought…’

I thought they had put this project on permanent hold over the local protest and 50/50 episode? outrageous that they are continuing … really sad 🙁

I live in Mthatha (Umtata).
It must have been 3 years ago now that i went on the proposed root of the toll road and there were quarries set up then already.
Minds were made up a long time ago that the mine was going ahead no matter what or who has objectrions

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