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City Hall Food Garden launched

Check how cool this is – go Durban!

The Imagine Durban project team has converted the flowerbeds in front of the City Hall into a vegetable garden as part of a pilot project to encourage residents to grow their own food.  The first seedlings were planted on 1st September 2009, the first day of Spring, in the newly established eThekwini Municipality City Hall Food Garden on Dr Pixley KaSeme (West) Street.

“The purpose of the City Hall Food Garden Project is to make a public statement on behalf of city leadership regarding the importance of citizen’s growing food as part of a sustainable livelihoods strategy,’ said Jacquie Subban, Head of the Geographic Information and Policy Unit.  “Converting spaces around the City Hall into a food garden also ensures that the spaces around the complex are utilized optimally.”

In total four locations in the City Hall complex will now be used to grow food:  two flower gardens in front of the City Hall and two areas in the City Hall parking lot.  The City Manager, Dr Michael Sutcliffe, applauded the Imagine Durban initiative saying that this is a great project to tackle urban poverty and address food security. “The city is involved in more than 400 community garden projects aimed to reduce poverty and encourage the growth of the agriculture sector. This project will hopefully increase awareness of urban farming and encourage everyone to start planting their own vegetables.” He challenged all property owners to take up the task of planting vegetable gardens on their vacant rooftops and flowerbeds.

Read the full story at Imagine Durban …

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