Welcome to the bug motel!

In an article about this year’s Chelsea Flower Show, I saw a photograph of an elaborate bug hotel consisting of different sizes of wood piled up in a wire frame.  It looked great and, more importantly, performed a valuable service.

Bugs love an untidy garden.  So do I.  Piles of dead wood and leaves lying around the place are a source of food to some bugs and provide shelter for others.  So, in the spirit of attracting more insects, I have launched my first bug motel consisting of a couple of branches I pruned off a tree and a pile of fallen leaves.  Looks cosy!

The benefits of creating a habitat for insects is twofold.  Firstly, some insects prey on pests such as aphids which means you don’t have to resort to insecticides and, secondly, you start to attract more insect-eating birds into your garden.

Welcome to the bug motel!
Welcome to the bug motel!

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