Free produce in the parks

This is such  a great idea that I think would work really well in Durban.

“COUNCIL chiefs are bidding to create Britain’s greenest city — by growing fruit and nuts in every park and inviting the public to tuck in.  The £200,000 eco-friendly plan was devised amid fears that youngsters do not understand where food produce comes from.  It will result in fruit or nut trees and vegetable patches being established in all of Manchester’s 135 parks and woods.

A green-fingered team will plant 20,000 strawberry, raspberry and soft fruit bushes around the city.  Beehive sites — capable of producing up to 80lbs of honey a year — will also be set up in a dozen parks and allotments.  And herbs like mint and parsley will be available for the public to help themselves.

Many of the trees will be right in the heart of the city — and people will be invited to tuck into the fruit-and-veg as they go to work or on shopping trips.”

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