Durban International Film Festival

The Durban Film Festival starts on Thursday and this year they have a few environmental films worth checking out.

The global climate crisis informs five documentaries in this year’s festival. The Foster Brothers’ epistemologically revolutionary The Nature Of Life addresses climate change from a unique African perspective and showcases innovative local solutions. H20IL examines the massive oil sands extraction project in Canada and the destructive effect it has on water resources. Water,or the lack of it, also informs The Lake That Was, which traces Iran’s Lake Urmia from its heyday as a tourist destination to it’s present demise. Poison Fire is an indictment of almost fifty years of oil exploitation and environmental destruction in the Niger Delta. The other Foster Brothers’ film in the festival, Ice Man,  documents the extraordinary physiological and psychological journey of Lewis Pugh’s record-breaking long distance swims in the freezing waters of both the south and  north poles, the epicentres of the destructive effects of climate change. Its Up 2 U is a critical look at the profiteering Western agrarian industry. A must see is the multiple-award winning Saving Luna, about a baby killer whale who, separated from his family, seeks human social interaction  – much to the Canadian government’s disapproval. An insightful and moving look at the ethical dilemmas of bridging the gap between species.

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Durban International Film Festival
Durban International Film Festival

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