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Guess that plant 1

Sprigs and such…

I still have a load of unidentified plants from the great indigenous garden I visited and I think Sprig is the right place to discuss them. Any ideas on the one below? This garden has just been pruned and there are apparently loads of sprigs and such waiting to be collected. Who wants some? Sonya? […]

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Naboom berries.


I planted this tree (known as Naboom or umPapha) a few years back not knowing how big it would get.  Turns out, its going to be huge and near impossible to cut down due to its poisonous sap.  Luckily it has room to grow and I find its flowers and berries rather beautiful.  Birds are […]

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Or khaki?


The template we are using has different colour options.  I originally thought green was the way to go (plants, gardens, etc.) but now I’m wondering if it is too obvious. So, should we try the blue or khaki? Or stick with green? (more…)

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Berg Lichen

Lichen it? I’m lovin’ it!!

Here is a special treat; a guest birthday blog from our resident econerd, Clemence.. On both a previous trip to Cape Point and on the recent berg trip we came across some lichen growing on the rocks. Lichens are an indicator species and a sign of good air quality. They are particularly sensitive to sulfur dioxide, a gas emitted […]

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Flower power x 2

Brrrrilliant!! :-)

As Niall said, we had a great trip to the berg. With its limitless and silhouetted horizons, it is a world away from Durban. The air is dry and there is not much to do but look at plants and animals, go hiking, jump in pools, and eat and drink some sherry and / or wine […]

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