Red flower – good or bad?

This creeper has taken over a whole section of my garden, even growing up a paw-paw tree.  It has a very beautiful flower but I’m suspicious that it may be an invader – does anyone recognise it?

Red flower - good or bad?
Red flower - good or bad?

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The leaves are smooth and there is no smell.The leaves are drooping in the heat and the flowers seem to be closing.

no idea what it is, but if something grows very rampantly like that i always assume it’s a baddie.

It looks like an Ipomoea (Morning Glory), but I don’t think I’ve seen any red ones before (they’re usually purple, pink or white) with a shorter throat, and are mostly but not always invasive.

I think that these are very good red flowers. Red flowers are my favorite. I want to make a red flower blog for myself.

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