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Permaculture course

On Saturday I attended a permaculture workshop at the Durban Botanic Gardens run by Bharathi Tugh and her husband Reggie. Both are experienced permaculturists and work extensively with schools in KwaZulu-Natal through the Woolworths Eduplant Trust and Food & Trees for Africa.

The workshop was well attended and dealt with some fascinating topics, including the principles of permaculture, soil conditioning, compost heaps and fertility beds, companion planting and pest management.  I will go into each of these in more detail in later posts but I am amazed by what is achievable through using materials that are freely available in your house and garden.

Durban Botanic Gardens Permaculture Training Centre
Durban Botanic Gardens Permaculture Training Centre.

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Hi there guys please could you inform me on up an coming permaculture courses as im really interested in doing one.. thanks very much
look forward to hearing from you.

Hi, sorry you haven’t heard from me for so long – I have been visiting grandchildren in the UK and then recovering from same. The leonotus (orange ones) are in flower and attracting sunbirds. The cream ones are in bud as is the vernonia. Well done Helen for growing such lovely looking lettuce. We must get together soon to compare gardening and other notes. Gill B

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