Sorry about the lack of activity on the blog but I’ve been up in Bloemfontein for work (Sons, what’s your excuse?).  The City of Roses is how Bloemfontein brands itself and it really is a lovely city.  Loads of landscaped open spaces, old trees and wide roads, and yes, plenty of roses.

On my return I discovered that the Municipality had decided to help re-landscape my garden.  They’ve been laying new water pipes in our neighbourhood and had dug these huge trenches, criss-crossing the front of the garden.  To be fair, they put back all the plants they had removed but unfortunately not in the right places.

Not much I can do but see which plants survive and replace the ones that don’t.

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Hello Smile, good to have you back. Unfortunately I have not trip to the hinterland to blame for my poor blogging. Does “I have been busy” suffice? We’ve missed you!

Will get back in the saddle asap. Sorry to hear about the municipal landscaping…

i can’t believe that smile, you must have got such a fright to see your lovely garden all cut up. i would have cried! bloody cheek if you ask me, but i suppose that was semi-considerate of them to try and replant. fingers crossed for 100% survival rate.

hey em. yeah, it was a bit of a shock. everything seems to still be alive, and I guess on the positive side we have got brand-spanking, new water pipes.

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