Hints on Natal Coast Gardening

My brother and his lovely wife picked up this awesome book on a recent Midlands Meander.  It is called Hints on Natal Coast Gardening and it was published by the Durban & Coast Horticultural Society in 1959!  The aim of the book was “to assist gardeners, in and around Durban, in making their gardens produce flowers and vegetables all the year round, and is the only book published that deals solely with Durban and coastal conditions.”

Chapters include Random Notes about Gardening, About Seeds and Seedlings, Hints on Rose Growing, The Importance of Mulching, Garden Pests of the Durban District, and many more.

A short paragraph at the beginning of the book sums up while I love gardening and my garden:

“A garden is an expression of man’s joy in living.  When you plan and work; when you plant and weed and see your garden blossom forth, then something happens inside you that neither time nor the workaday worries of the world can ever take away.  You have become a craftsman – a creator – whether you know it or not.”

Hints on Natal Coast Gardening.
Hints on Natal Coast Gardening.

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Hello smile that is a great quote. Gardening rocks… I tried to take some pics of mine this evening, but the light was poor so I shall make another attempt soon

it seems really deep and insightful for a small, gardening book.

you should try taking some shots in the morning, before work. The light is pretty great then.

thanks for the link and lovely wife comment. i read the book in the car back from the midlands, brendan actually bought it for you. what a cool dude

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