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What tree is this?

This tree was growing in my garden when we moved in.  Someone told me it was indigenous but I don’t have its proper name and couldn’t source it in any of my books.

It has a thick, rough bark, thin leaves and long, pod-shaped seeds, but what I really like about it are its flowers.  They are light, candy-striped and kinda Japanese.  Also, the seeds are really easy to germinate and I am growing a bonsai version of it.

Does anyone know what it is called and where it is from?

What tree is this?
What tree is this?

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I was just going to say that it doesn’t look indigenous to me. I’ll have a look at my exotic poster at home and see if I can recognise it…

Hey Smile I looked through my exotic Durban plants sheet and I can’t find this exact tree, but it looks very very similar to a Sensitive Plant (Mimosa Pudica) which orginates from Tropical, North and South America. They list Forest Indigo (Indigofera Micrantha) as an alternative…

except its branches grow out as pseudo thorns.Ouch!

i have one..grows well without too much fuss.

Hey Khalid

I actually have bonsai’s one and its doing pretty well. Beautiful flowers!

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