Tree fern and friend

Last year we bought a tree fern in a pot for the patio (they’re imported into the UK) – and they’re sold for anything between £20 to £40 “per foot”. I think we paid about £60 for ours. It had a happy summer until the fronds slowly died as it got colder towards the end […]

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Chemical Free Farming

Mr Kanjanga is a farmer from Ntcheu District in Phambala, Malawi. In 1975, having seen the deteriorating effect that the application of chemical fertilisers was having on his crops, he decided to return to the composting techniques he had seen used by his father in the 1930s. His crops started to improve so significantly that […]

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Winter flowers

Here in Durban we have a remarkably mild winter, which is in fact, the flowering season for a number of plants, in particular aloes and succulents. They are beautiful! Patrick (more…)

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Question for spriggies

Does anyone know a natural caterpillar repellant? Small black caterpillars have been eating my succulents to bits and I don’t want to use chemicals. Any suggestions? Bridget McNulty Follow me on Twitter: @bridgetmcnulty

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Madagascan beauty

I’ve had this little plant for a few years but a change of container and location has it thriving. It has seriously been flowering for almost two months now and has grown substantially. Does anyone recognise it? I think it is from Madagascar. (more…)

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